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Food Services

AMP International's mission is to become the leading worldwide turn-key equipment, food and food commodities provider in the distribution of such commodities to federal, state, and local governments, and the private sector.  

Through its strategic business relationships, AMP Int'l has the capability to provide a wide variety of equipment, food products, food commodities, transportation, procurement and logistics support services covering extensive NAICS codes -

       Services include:

  • Restaurant/Foodservice Equipment
  • Food and Food Commodities Distribution
  • Distribution of Meals Ready-to Eat, Military, Kosher & Halal
  • National Restaurant Association - Food Protection Manager Certification/Re-Certification Training
  • HACCP System Training and Implementation
  • Commercial Food Service Establishment Inspections
  • Commercial Food Preparation Training
  • Food Safety and Compliance Audits and Inspections of Correctional Food Service Operations (ICE, USMS, State, Private, USVI)
  • Restaurant Development Consultation
  • Full-Service Catering​​

AMP International Certifications

State of Maryland - MDOT

Prince George's County Maryland - County Based Business/County Based Small Business/MBE/County Based Minority Business Enterprise/County Located Business/ Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Food and food commodities include -

Beef                                              Poultry                                           Flour
Egg Products                               Wheat                                            Soybeans
Fish                                               Rice                                               Beans
Fruit & Vegetables                       Vegetable Oil                               Poultry Feed Pork                                 Corn                                              Fertilizer                                       Smallwares & Disposables